The Studio Artiste

Raquelia in her art studio called The Studio Artiste.
About Raquelia

Artists Statement / Bio

Here is a short intro about Raquelia:
I have been an artist my entire adult life and became interested in designing art on the computer back in the late 90’s. From there I became self-taught starting with Photoshop and the Creative Suite CS2. I now work in Adobes Creative Cloud and one of my passions is to incorporate my artistic skills from oil painting into digital media. Completing projects with precision and an eye to detail is my goal for every piece of artwork created, whether on canvas or a computer screen. I paint in oil and use my dreams as reference for my surrealistic material and subject matter.
Raquelia was born in Italy, raised in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Port St Lucie in the Treasure Coast, South Florida. She is primarily an artist painting in oils on canvas. However, she also works in digital media art, transforming her creativity from the canvas to a computer screen. One of the most delightful things that happened was when she realized she could make use of her current paintings and turn them into animations. Coming soon to this site. As a child her artistic influences came from the wonderful works of her parents art creations.(QBLeone and Phyliss K Leone) She is fascinated by the excellence of the Old Masters, with their unlimited talent, the graceful lines of the Art Nouveau movement, art and sculpture from Italy and Paris seen at their museums, and of course the works of present day visionary artists, and as always, looking to nature for more inspiration. Raquelia has learned, from personal experience, that what is seen in this world is just a tiny fraction of what is “real.” Her continuing dreams of people/beings from other dimensions and worlds have brought the universe to her in a way she never thought was possible in the real world. Her artistic training was done by and through her parents, PK Leone and QB Leone and various workshops through the years, with an emphasis on surrealism. Some of her original work has been sold to private collectors and can be viewed or purchased from this site.